Word from You

By Theodore Worozbyt

stepped onto the sloop Velveteen, where nightly

coffee rounds gray into buttered wood

and the glares are both less and more

accurate than the sum of my fingerprint:

So far the dog-spider leaping into my bedding

throws only white fruit with a tidy spirit

through the prior colors. I touch

this plasma sphere making lightning.

It reacts like a planet

of my eye, it abounds about itself

incoherently, a mad science

swimming with porpoises

and phosphorus breaking through the night

these circuits of the water, sparking green

pavements, a path into the garden of before.

Theodore Worozbyt’s work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Blinders, Isthmus, Manchester Review, New England Review, Po&sie, The Puritan, Sugar House Review, and Shampoo. He has published two books of poetry, The Dauber Wings (Dream Horse Press, 2006) and Letters of Transit, which won the 2007 Juniper Prize (The University of Massachusetts Press, 2008). His third book, Smaller Than Death, won the 2015 Knut House Poetry Prize, and is forthcoming in November.Impossible Objects appears in the inaugural issue of The Chapbook. His newest chapbook, The City of Leaving and Forgetting, appears in Country Music.