Out of the Woodworks 3: Baku Bazaar

Out of the Woodworks 3: Baku Bazaar

About the Artist: The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo is a prolific multimedia artist, performer, and storyteller from The Netherlands, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. This Astroverted EntheoGentleman distills essences into image, sound, and word, infused with his sixth sense of humor and his lightning fast wit.

His paintings are like experiential maps that celebrate the sensation of seeing, and secrete perceptual secrets, inviting the viewer’s story-plotting gears to be set in motion. As a relief from his intricate, time-consuming studio paintings, he has sparked the pareidolia-based project “Stainspotting”, which is street-art in the truest sense of the word and a simplified example of his creative process. Interfacing between void and imagination, the project utilizes the random chaos of literal street stains, wherein ordered thought-forms may be plotted and conjured to the surface, outlined with chalk. The whimsical results are like cave art on concrete. The image featured on the cover of this issue of Your Impossible Voice, Out of the Woodworks pt.3: Baku Bazaar, finds a happy in-between, utilizing the same technique, but on wood with mixed media.

He recently released Seance Fiction, a new album by his alter ego Void Denizen, that philosophically explores ideas through impressionistic lyricism, music, and a videographic component, resulting in a dead serious alchemical comedy that makes light of the dark arts.

Michaelangelo’s style and the genres he engenders are polyphrenic, diverse as the divine, though unified by the singular signature of its creator. The central themes of his work revolve around consciousness, language, origins, time, transformation, and the push towards self-transcendent media–words that reach for the unspeakable, images that seek to touch the imaginary, music that paints a picture, and presence beyond a fixed identity–the ability to utilize the material realm as a springboard into the metaphysical domain of The Imagination.

Through a synergy of written and spoken word, performance, music, and visual art he intends to instill a sense of contemplative wonder for the mystery of the moment, inspiring others to see the creative possibilities and personalities that can be conjured like color from the white noise, thereby sharpening the tools with which our human stories can unfold and be told. You can find him online at www.voidandimagination.com.