When in Autumn

By Elizabeth Savage

Talk that Roman talk

When in October

scatter candy corn

no backward look

When roads divide

travel light

When a cabin

dream of plumbing

When trying to talk

with a man

ghosts in the machine

age, see innocence

When dusting

Garfield’s chair

sympathize — what goes


spins around the dynamo


from a virgin’s eye

Once elected Pope

orbit your shoes

then take a stand

When washing, plumbing


When indoors, the infinite


When a doorjamb

the mind’s hinge

squeaking on its year, well


each season sweetened

bright with leaves

of reason

each reason leading

to autumn

chattering away its Latin

Elizabeth Savage is author of Jane & Paige or Sister Goose (2011), Grammar (2012), and Idylliad (2015), all from Furniture Press Books. The current issue of Verse features her dossier-chapbook of twenty-six poems, titled Woman Looking at a Vase of Flowers. Her poetry reviews appear in Jacket2 and in Kestrel: A Journal of Literature & Art, for which she serves as poetry editor.