Thorsten Nagelschmidt

Thorsten Nagelschmidt, better known as Nagel, is an author, musician, and artist. He grew up in Munster and lives in Berlin and Hamburg. Until 2009, he was the singer, lyricist and guitarist of the band Muff Potter, releasing seven albums and playing more than 600 shows all over Europe. His debut novel, Wo die wilden Maden graben, was published in 2007. His second novel, Was kostet die Welt, was published by Heyne in 2010 and a musical version of the novel was released on the label Audiolith. An English translation is currently in the works. His third book, Drive-By Shots, a collection of insightful stories and photos from his various travels, was released in 2015. Nagel has had numerous exhibitions of his linoleum print series Raucher (Smokers), and a new novel and new album are in the works. Visit him online at, (Official) and

This was before we found out we´re staying at the same hotel as #Arsenal today in Cologne. Life was good. Still is. But.