That He Didn’t Say Pink but the Image Was There

By Alex Rieser


text as firm congeal

 top of yaw. image pursue

 within text. rapture and yaw

between interpreter.

 fixate beyond image. edit

 as if of a face, perplex as

rapture. yaw of frame. sugar touch.



as sugar pursue. congeal among

 apparition and firm create

 out of maker. touch within text

crowd over image, face

seek but tense. through frame

 bring hammer sequence

with wake, petal. hammer

 as maverick perplex as crowd

seeks through sugar. apparition fixate

 beside petal. petal maker.



touch between frame of frame.

 among yaw fixate or limit.

 image but rapture

and text amid spill amid

touch. as maker, bow tense into image.

yaw curse out of maverick or match. and limit

 against match, sequence of hammer.

seek over image. sequence tense inside petal

Alex Rieser (Issue 7) is the author of Emancipator (New Fraktur Press, 2011), and has internationally published poetry, fiction, interviews, and criticism. His newest works are forthcoming from 14 Hills and The Cossack Review. He currently lives in San Diego with his wife and two dogs. More at