[ M O R P H I A ]

By Gabrielle Lessans


Dawn said how can we talk about gender without talking about race? You think how can we talk about earth where our air is easy. Without talking about breathing. Which here does not cost a dime. Where our seas are not yet glazed over in ice keep flexing in current out current in. And. How can we talk about her crevices. Where she’s split apart and hardened into bedrock as red as your lips broke apart from the slim line of sand shore. Yes I’m sure. In such suspension. We are talking with the insteps of our elbows. Taking steps towards. It was a technical crossing. We had to take off our shoes to save our socks from soaking. In her. Without speaking of her wetness. We let toes touch. Climbing. Toward a hollow slice of land. A space for us to lie. Awake in. Electrical fingerprints of some old fool moon.