[ M O R P H I A ]-4


Eunsong said betrayal moves our worlds forward. You point out wormholes through the cavity of stone hedges. You think of the earth’s fat thigh and her stubble of ancient redwood. A trunk fused into her muscle so that. She’s bleeding elementally. You think of your stomach. Pressed up against her cold ground. Hard forehead. And all of our gauze clothes on beneath the orange nylon. Our crannies trembling for dawn. A rockslide makes you sneeze. Two. Three. Four times in a row. Pass the headlamp. Pass. Pass. Pass on sleep. Though we dreamed many dreams. Sayra said what are your dreams. And you thought: a hunchback who compliments your coffee eyes your. Long piano sill legs. And I thought: a felt skirt and a bombing through this waterlogged existence. This distilled sort of gravity.  This slow return again. The girl whose words I used and lost again. I always come here looking to lose something. And do. As you use me to practice your lines. We run through your gestures completely. And we do again.