Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite

Lawrence Christopher Patrick (aka Ytzhak) Braithwaite (March 17, 1963 – July 14, 2008) was a Canadian novelist, spoken-word artist, dub poet, essayist, digital drummer, and short fiction writer. Born in Montreal, Quebec, he has been called “one of the outstanding Canadian prose writers alive.” (Gail Scott) Braithwaite’s work has been praised by Dodie Bellamy for its “sublime impenetrability” and is fueled by a modernist and Fredric Jameson-influenced late modernist approach to writing and recording. His work is influenced by the musical and social realism of punk rock, opera, musique concrète, noise, hip hop, rap, industrial, black metal, country music, and dub. He was the author of the novels Wigger (1995) and Ratz Are Nice (2000).