Laidi Fernández de Juan

Laidi Fernández de JuanAdelaida Fernández de Juan (Laidi), a doctor of internal medicine, began her literary career in 1994 with the collection of short stories Dolly and Other African Tales. Since then, she has continued her creative writing and has participated in cultural life: she writes the column “From Chaos Emerges,” of Havana vignettes, on the website Cubacontemporánea; she writes reviews of recent Cuban and foreign publications for the digital journal La Jiribilla; and she organizes and directs the “Wednesday of Smiles” space at the Dulce María Loynaz Cultural Center. She has published ten volumes of narrative fiction, including Oh Vida [Oh Life] (1998), and Sucedió en Copperbelt [It Happened in Copperbelt] (2014), both winners of the Luis Felipe Rodríguez National Short Fiction Prize awarded by the National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) in the year of their publication. “La hija de Darío” [Darío’s Daughter] won the Alejo Carpentier short story prize in 2005. Bésame Mucho [Kiss Me A Lot] (Banda Oriental in Montevideo, 2007) was one of the top ten books in Uruguay in the year of its publication; Universo y la lista [Universo and the List] (Editorial Matanzas, 2013) a personal anthology of humorous stories, and Será siempre [It Will Always Be] (Editorial Holguín, 2014). Among the prizes and awards won by Laidi, in addition to those mentioned above, are the Gran Premio Dinosaurio of 2014, given to “Naderías de hoy” [Today’s Trivia] in an international minicuento contest.