Jacob Rogers reads “Orange Dream: Story of a Dream Embedded Within Five Different Strata”

Xavier Queipo is a Galician writer based in Brussels, Belgium. He has published nearly twenty books, ranging from fiction, to poetry, to children’s literature, as well as essays. He has won several prizes for his novels, including the Spanish Critics Prize in 1991, for The Arctic, and Other Seas, and the Blanco Amor Prize in 2015 for his most recent novel, Os kowa. He also works as a translator, and has translated work by Joseph Conrad as well as being one of the four collaborators on the 2013 award-winning translation of Ulysses into Galician.

Jacob Rogers is a translator and bookseller based in Asheville, NC. He has translated work by Begoña Paz, appearing on inTranslationHis Excellency, a novella by Carlos Casares, published by Small Stations Press, and an excerpt from Chains, by Xabier López López, appearing on the Portico of Galician Literature.