Issue 5 | Fall 2014

Issue 5 | Fall 2014


Marianne VillanuevaThe Elephant
Eugene LimAlibi (excerpted from a novel currently called Father Island)
Kyle Hemmings39 Hours
Daniel J. PizappiBluebird En Abyme
Fernando Vallejo
Translated by Laia García Sánchez & Robert Jackson
The Edge of the Abyss
Steve WeinerRosenberry
Michael Shou-Yung ShumAsk the Hydrangea
Rachel NagelbergMiley Cyrus: Blood and Guts
Nicholas Alexander HayesDeclension


Aaron ShurinI Could See…
Gerard SarnatBarreling Over Can-Do Rooms’ Thresholds
Cringeworthy Treacleland Venture
Nels HansonTwo Rivers
Orchid and Butterfly
Kathleen JesmeThe border was right
Nothing of now has a future except
Laura Bernstein-Machlaybugged
Freezer Theater. 1981
Mary Carroll-HackettOne History of Water
Dirty Feet
The Visible Woman


Kent MonroeKarla
Mara NaselliMy Brief Suspension of Judgment in the World of Bad Art
Nicola WaldronOn Special


Padma PrasadA Life of Flowers

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