Issue 3 | Spring 2014

Issue 3 | Spring 2014


Richard ChiemTrying to Lock all Windows and Doors
Francisco García González
Translated by Mary G. Berg
A Coherent Desire
Ann RylesSpared
Jaclyn WattersonAll of Them Comely
A Landlord Is an Act
Matt GallettaThe Doppler
Lonely ChristopherRub Hair in the Wound
Siamak VossoughiWorth it to be Wrong
Elise GlassmanThe Junk
Midori ChenA Growing Up Interlude
Francisco García González
Translated by Mary G. Berg
Hatred Ages You, Too


Maureen AlsopPapery Bewick Swans/1956 Buick Super
Noah FalckExcluding Happy Hour
Excluding Small Talk
Jon RiccioThe Kleptomaniac’s Giraffe
Epistle Presley
Giorgia Sagemake something
Kevin LeonardWhen I Get Fat, My Dad’s Gonna Throw a Party
Jeff GundyMeditation with Good Posture and Swine Flu
Susan CarlsonDeath, Life, And Everything Else


Susan DaitchProduction For Use
Jennifer McGahaThe Gift of the Pantyhose
Vivian AbenshushanAnatomy of the Dabbler


Savannah Schroll GuzWoman in Water: Corrine and the Far Away

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