Issue 16 | Winter 2018

Issue 16 | Winter 2018


Clemens J. Setz
Translated by Susan Thorne
The Parents’ Conversation in “Hansel und Gretel”
Sara KachelmanThe Rapist’s Dog
James WarnerReception Theory
Tahseen BéaBibi Nur
Dan MoreyKidsville
Daniel RivasWhat We Talk About Now
Jasper HendersonA White Male Writer
Luise Maier
Translated by Frances Jackson
Excerpt from Having One Another
Justice McPhersonSomething Different
Dahna Cohen-SchwartzEntwined
James KramerKirjaimellesisti


Karla Reimert
Translated by Patty Nash
III. In the Heeling
VII. In the Heeling
IV. In the Clinic
Marina Massenz
Translated  by Johanna Bishop
We came out of the box only this morning
Hinges slipping and about to give
Iacyr Anderson Freitas
Translated by Desirée Jung
In the Room
Luisa A. IgloriaZunzuncito
In the Garden of Earthly Delights,


Rey-Philip GenaldoTwenty Days
Dallas WoodburnHow to Make Spinach-Artichoke Lasagna Three Weeks After Your Best Friend’s Funeral


Mattina BlueBecalmed

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