He has brought it, I will lift it

By Alex Rieser


mass and ball of crystal excuse

 under light. record quiet

 out of beauty. learn below but brought

 out palimpsest, possible because human

climb amid quiet. inside mass as concepts lie

outside mind. came beyond beauty. lift

 in laws, the ball of crystal.


record of madness cling

 to voice. error take-off

 amid ball of crystal. tangle or portal

lift outside mind. concepts have

madness and beauty attain

 mind achieve against vision. light brought.


light and record brought

 beyond mind. mass hover

 between ball of crystal. lie. because learn

 among mind, laws but error

enter among. portal learn

beauty of vision learn

 through light. madness cohere or

 hover beside mind as madness.

 with tangle learn under mind. climb

 among tangle, concepts hover

below palimpsest. record of portal learned

Alex Rieser (Issue 7) is the author of Emancipator (New Fraktur Press, 2011), and has internationally published poetry, fiction, interviews, and criticism. His newest works are forthcoming from 14 Hills and The Cossack Review. He currently lives in San Diego with his wife and two dogs. More at www.alexrieser.com.