Excluding Small Talk

By Noah Falck

cooler is filled with holy water. And we fucked

until she was wearing my chest hair as a

holiday sweater. Until we saw the fifty states

of each other. The sweater off her back or the

way she remembers the body of her youth.

The wind touching the leaves like hors

d’oeuvres at a rich person’s party. How aren’t

you all the time blushing algorithms

out into the world, out into the world?

Noah Falck is the author of Snowmen Losing Weight (BatCat Press, 2012) and several chapbooks including Celebrity Dream Poems (Poor Claudia, 2013). He co-curates the Silo City Reading Series in an abandoned grain silo and works as education director at Just Buffalo Literary Center in Buffalo, New York. Find him online at noahfalck.org.