Contributor News: Lewis Buzbee


Lewis Buzbee (“Though,” Issue 2) has a new book,

Blackboard: A Personal History of the Classroom, just published by Graywolf Press.

Early readers have said:

“ … an important and humane perspective on what happens to us as individuals as we engage in education.”
Insider Higher Ed

“Though this appears to be a nostalgic memoir of a baby-boomer’s education from kindergarten through high school, Buzbee’s affectionate account turns out to be a subtle, sharply etched critique of contemporary public education … Deeply affectionate toward teachers, harshly critical of budget cuts, the book offers an eloquent, important reminder (which in a perfect world would inform policy) about the nature of school.”
Publishers Weekly
starred review

“Elevating the thinking around school improvements, from the nuts-and-bolts ideas to a broader view … Buzbee spreads engaging prose across the pages, providing both a reminiscence of better days and a considered examination of the assumptions we all make about what does—and does not—constitute a quality education.
Kirkus Reviews