Contributor News: Colin Dodds


Colin Dodds (Issue 6, “Spill-O’s Fender Bender,” “Spill-O, After the Picadors,” Spill-O’s Hilton Revelation”)
has a new ebook collection, Wisdom’s Real Opposite—101 Poems about an Odyssey on a Stool,
currently available for purchase at Smashwords and Amazon.

The book will be available for as long as the internet stays on.

About Wisdom’s Real Opposite—101 Poems about an Odyssey on a Stool:

Ten years of poems written in and about bars. They observe impossible hopes colliding with shabby realities in both starkly lucid and deeply distorted moments. They’re funny poems that avoid being a comedy routine; severe and extreme poems that nonetheless maintain sympathy and humanity. Taken together, they represent what the best of books promise—something better than drinking alone.

Poems in this, and the other three volumes in this series, have appeared in more than a hundred eighty publications, and have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. The poet and songwriter David Berman (Silver Jews, Actual Air) said of them: “These are very good poems. For moments I could even feel the old feelings when I read them.”