Acres Green©

By Amy Wright

On film, technotopian trails

streak the air in soft neon waves —

synthetic Beamer Bees designed to replace

pollinators who fell

prey to Colony Collapse Disorder,

the Power of 8 team says.

A jar of pink Karo syrup

illustrates alternatives

for living without honey

bees and other threatened natives.

The team studies natural footage,

recreates a firefly swarm

in LED fiber optics, programs Beamers

to return to the hive with a bugle modem

that sounds below human hearing — for all appearances,

the way they are called back now

Amy Wright is the Nonfiction Editor of Zone 3 Press and Zone 3 journal and the author of four poetry chapbooks. She received a Peter Taylor fellowship for the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, an Individual Artist’s Fellowship from the Tennessee Arts Commission, and a VCCA fellowship. Her work appears in a number of journals, including Brevity, DIAGRAM, The Kenyon Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Passages North, and Tupelo Quarterly.