Now Accepting Submissions For Issue #2

The Number Two (2)
Photo by Indi Samarajiva

Your Impossible Voice is now accepting submissions for its second issue due out December 1. We’re looking for quality, unpublished fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, from around the world. We don’t charge any reading fees and do pay our contributors. For prose, we would like to receive transmissions from outer space, as well as from deep underground. We are not bored and prefer not to be. We like urgency, innovation, intelligence, risk. We’re interested in what language can do and in challenging our own preconceptions. We love lucid dreams, blurred boundaries, formal play, and stories we’ve never heard. We love the voices of deluded philosophers, hallucinating prisoners, cold-blooded rationalists and insane children. We love realism in the sense that everything is real. We have fairly open minds. Surprise us. Make us think or make us feel or make our brains explode. We are waiting. For poetry we are looking for work that is devious and feisty. Send us work that frustrates our ideas of beauty and illuminates surreal new intersections. Ignite our understanding of form.  We are drawn to sharp juxtapositions, secret codes and mysterious circumstances. Show us what lives in your peripheral vision; invite us in to your hidden rooms.  Hand us the skeleton key and the magnifying glass – we’re ready to follow. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for striking images to use for cover art, as well as craft essays, interviews, and literary reviews to publish on our website. We accept submissions exclusively through submittable. Don’t send us hard copies or email submissions, we won’t read them. What are you waiting for? Send us your best work today!